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I’m excited to see the legions of high schools and middle schools that are responding to the need for social media education for teens. I have a concern, however. It looks to me like the majority of schools are enlisting the help of local police to show kids how to use social media responsibly.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (as Jerry Seinfeld would say), but I am concerned that the message of law enforcement is one-sided. We need to hear bullying messages and protection messages (I give them myself). But those two messages alone leave a void in the necessary information that kids need, and that is how to use social media responsibly.

If the entire of our education is always prohibitive with no positive education on how to use it well, I am concerned. Scaring kids about predators is only one issue. They are going to use the medium whether we like it or not—why not teach them to use it well?

It’s my hope that as the trend continues for school districts to import trainers that those of us who offer social media training will pursue this new opportunity and sell the school districts on the need for well-rounded training and not just scare tactics. 

Again, I’m glad to see training coming to K-12 schools—I’ve been banging the drum for a few years now. Let’s make sure the training is empowering kids and not just making them afraid. 



For anyone that follows the collegiate sports landscape or sports industry in general, you know it’s a trying time for the NCAA. But as I watched the news of the O’Bannon decision unfold, I couldn’t help but to wonder why so many people—who have never even been a part of the system—were…

Picture day always produces some interesting antics.

Everybody has ranking lists. There are some we want to be on and some we do not.

I read a report from Emory Sports Marketing Analytics ranking the best social media fan base in the NFL. The criteria is an interesting blend of the regular revenue data they use in most of their rankings mixed with social media engagement:

"Our“Social Media Equity”measure is again based on an analysis of how strong each team’s social media following is after controlling for team quality and market characteristics.”

It’s an interesting read. Where would you rank if we used these same criteria in college athletics? Since most of the lists I see are always based on follower numbers, this might produce an interesting twist. Just thinking. 


My fingers are a little wet from drooling while posting this!

These are four of the most delicious-looking concessions available at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game at Target Field:

1. The Hangover Burger: The hangover burger uses a mix of ground beef and ground bacon for two quarter-pound patties. They’re topped with american cheese, lettuce, onions, a fried egg, and a sauce made from sriracha, ketchup, mayo and cornichons.

2. The Double Play: A polish sausage and a bratwurst stuffed onto the same bun, side by side.

3. The Brat Dog: A footlong hot dog wrapped in bratwurst, then wrapped in bacon, served on a pretzel roll. There are peppers, too, so you get your veggies. It’s healthy, right?

4. Lobster Corn Dog: Fried lobster on a stick. There are no bad parts about that.

(Photos: Delaware North SportService)

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Blastoff…roughstock riding at the Livingston Roundup Rodeo where some of the worlds best compete for an awful lot of money.
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I’ve seen a lot of articles written lately about brands on Snapchat that make me think the people writing them aren’t actually on Snapchat. They are mostly making recommendations based on an article written four months ago in a major business online mag that recommended a few brands that were there at the time. If we are going to watch how this platform is growing, we need a list of who is there now. Because I get emails from time to time asking for recommendations of people to follow on Snapchat, I thought I’d just publish a list with a couple notes attached.

First, I’d like to mention that many of the universities on this list are not very active over the summer. I am assuming they will pick back up in the fall. 

This is a list of brands I follow, not necessarily brands I recommend for best practices. After you follow someone long enough, I think you’ll know if they are missing the mark or hitting the nail on the head. It’s just like any other platform. There are winners and losers on every social media channel.

I am always learning—about every platform—and I like to watch what other people are doing. If you’re thinking about trying out Snapchat, this is a good list to start with. Honestly, you may see the good, the bad, and the ugly here. But people are just learning, so it’s hard to be too critical yet. Add any others you might follow in the Notes. The brand username (name to search on Snapchat) is up front.

browns (Cleaveland Browns)
cocacola - Coke is pretty creative. Not regular but great ideas
cycloneath - Iowa State - like their creative mascot exploits
dabttll - gal from mashable that is awesome doodler/creative storyteller. Must follow.
denvernuggets - quiet in off season
disneyland - Disney
eagles - Philadelphia Eagles. was good last season
evianwater - Evian
ewuathletics - Eastern Washington University. active during summer w/ #Doodle Wednesday promo.
fathermarquette - I really like this from Marquette. They have an iconic campus statue that they have made human. Good doodling
foxsportslive- meh, so far
goshockers - Wichita State - very good during school year. Quiet now
heinekensnapwho - they use this to promote real-time music events.     
jayhawks - Kansas U. 
kstatesports - Kansas State U
mariners—creative, but sporadic
mashable - great stories and sometimes movies-good doodling from dabttll (above). 
mcdonalds - great when they are on. use it for promotions
mplatco - great doodler that works w/shonduras on Disney account
mtv - considering their demographic, not much going on here.
nbcthevoice - was good when show was on. Inactive now
nowthisnews - excellent doodling on day’s news events.
officialnyjets - New York Jets
officialspurs - San Antonio Spurs
oregonathletics - University of Oregon. 
princetonu - Princeton University. creative, but quiet now.
Saints - New Orleans Saints—good one to watch
sfgiantsmlb - San Francisco Giants
shonduras - king of doodle stories, head of Disney’s
snapreds - Cincinnati Reds baseball - 
tacobell - The best channel out there, IMO. Most creative stuff
twins - Minnesota Twins 
uhouston - University of Houston 
uofmichigan - Univ. of Michigan was really creative during school year 
waltdisneyworld - creative stories
washwizards - Washington Wizards. Quiet now. 
whitesox - Chicago White Sox
wsuathletics - Washington State University Athletics

In this month’s Athletic Management Magazine, there is a featured article on upgrading the fan experience, with an inset piece on The Disney Institute I recommend everyone in college sports (and beyond) read. In it, Jeff James, VP and GM of the Disney Institute talks about the difference between just completing tasks and meeting a common purpose. An excerpt is below and the full text is in the above link. I loved the illustration of the custodial person and the dropped ice cream cone. Read on. Awesomeness. 


“If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly,” said G.K. Chesterton. That line always makes me laugh, but it carries an essential truth: Doing is better than not doing perfectly. Why get hung up on the fact that things are going perfectly—or even really well? If it’s worth doing at all, we should keep going.

Just a thought about how travel from Bozeman is complicated. I have to go to Salt Lake for a meeting in July. One day, overnight, back next morning. Driving takes 6 1/2 hours (one way). Flying (one hour direct): Delta wants $700 for a round trip. Travelocity has flights starting at @$350 but they take longer than it is to drive. Hmmm….eeny, meeny, miny, moe.